Interviews at Breifne College

Today in Breifne College Pam worked with a group of TY students who became part of the Youth Media Team.

Kate and Katie interviewed Balazs, Jamie and Marta about the sports activities in TY.

Sean and Sinead interviewed Cailin and Darina about their LGBT project.

Shannon and Melissa interviewd Darragh, Munasib and Laura about their trip to the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick a Rede rope bridge (and surfing :)).

Robyn and Vera interviewed Laura, Sarah and Stefanie about thir trip to Butler’s Chocolate Factory.

TY Trends,
TY class in Briefne College
Youth Media Team


Data Summit 2017 with Lorcan and Anna

Data Summit 2017 , Dublin.

The Youth Media Team went to the Data Summit in Dublin. Two of our members ,  Anna and Lorcan, told us about this event .

They talked about the event , who they interviewed , what they enjoyed and if there was anything they had wanted to be different.







The Youth Media Team

Anna P, Anna Nic D , Lorcan

Behind the scenes in our interview with Lorcan Tuohy


Mia  did an interview with Lorcan Tuohy at the YMT workshop in Thurles. Denis recorded the interview as a backup for the Ricoh Theta which is a fish eye 360 degrees camera. The backup camera he used is a JVC Everio camcorder mounted on a manfrotto tripod. Bernie also recorded the interview using the Anchor audio app on his phone. During the interview Pam took pictures on her phone.  One of the things we are learning in today’s workshop is the importance of having backups for our work.

img-2229      img-2227

Youth Media Team

Amy and Denis


Learning in the Youth Media Team in comparison to schools

Learning in the Youth Media Team greatly differs from how we learn in the  school environment.

From our discussion we have come to the conclusion that Behaviourist, Cognitivist and Constructivist are the main learning styles facilitated in school. In the Youth Media Team we tend to use Social and Contextual and Experiential forms of learning. (1)

In the Youth Media we learn by doing interviews, blog posts and doing research online. We also learn from older, more experienced people on the team. This differs from traditional classrooms   because ….

  • We learn from a teacher not each other in a classroom
  • We learn  in more than one way in YMT
  • We use technology such as Audioboom, iPads, microphones and laptops.
  • We change things on the fly in YMT
  • In a classroom the teacher must work to  a syllabus where as the Youth Media team doesn’t have to






The Youth Media Team

Anna P, Anna Nic D and Cara