Jack and Donal’s interview with Doug Frankish.

We sat in on the ignite session with Ashley Hufnagel, Marcie Lewis, Natasha Smith and Doug Frankish! An ignite presentation is where the talker has only five minutes to get through 20 slides. The slide move along automatically after 15 seconds. This provides a more interesting and punctual presentation!

The first person to speak was Marcie Lewis about Coding. Second up was Natasha Smith. Third was Ashley Hufnagel and last but not least, our interviewee Doug Frankish!


In our interview we talked to Doug about Mystery Skype and how it can be used in classrooms across the world. Once you are paired up with your mystery classroom it is the classes job to try to figure out where the other participating class is from using only yes or no questions!

Youth Media Team

Donal and Jack

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