Interview with Pat Hanrahan

Amy and Cara interviewed Pat Hanrahan, Director of the Clare Education Center after the Teach Meet in Clare. Pat shared how the Education Centres support teachers through providing Continuous Professional Development among other things. Tonight was Pat’s first time at a TeachMeet, a format that he really loved. He is looking forward to hosting future TeachMeets at Clare Education Centre.

Amy and Cara
Youth Media Team

Interview with Bryn Llewellyn

Amy and Cara (or is it Cara and Amy:)) spoke to Bryn Llewellyn at the TeachMeet in Clare.  Bryn spoke about the workshop he did with the girls in Amy’s former primary school in Nenagh yesterday.  He also shared the work he is doing with Tagtiv8 on Active Learning in Maths and English.

Find out more about Tagtiv8 at the following links
Research into active learning by Leeds Beckett University.
Recent feature on ITV News.
An article following an Activity Day & CPD with a London school
An article about the TAGTIV8 ethos

Cara and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Anne Melly

Denis and Jack interviewed Anne Melly,  Deputy Principal of Nenagh College Tipperary where Denis goes  to school.   The college provides both academic and technical education complemented by an innovative and progressive curriculum and extracurricular activities with the student at the focus of programme provision at all times. Nenagh College also provides full-time FETAC Level 5 and 6 post Leaving Certificate courses to both Leaving Certificate and mature students. The qualifications obtained from all the programmes in Nenagh College of Further Education provide students with the opportunity to progress to further studies at third level.

Denis and Jack

Youth Media Team