Interview with Conor, Thomas and Una from the JCT Coding in Action team

Jack and Cara interviewed Conor Power, Thomas Boyle and Una Fleming from the JCT Coding in Action team. Conor spoke about the National event which they held yesterday which was both a CPD day for Teachers involved in the first phase of the Short Course in Coding and also a celebration of the end of the the phase. Phase 2 is now open for applications and schools can apply. Conor and Thomas shared what their schools are doing from a coding perspective and Una spoke about how research from phase 1 will inform the CPD offerings for Phase 2.

Jack and Cara
Youth Media Team

Interview with John Heffernan

Denis and Jack interviewed John Heffernan. John has come back from working in Albemarle in Charlottesville. John shared the differences between classrooms here in Ireland and those in the United States. He spoke about the broad diversity to be found in schools in America and how that impacts that has in the classroom.

Jack and Denis
Youth Media Team

Mags Amond on Creativity and Collaborative Communities

In her keynote presentation Mags Amond spoke passionately  about “Creativity, Collaboration and Practice” which are the main themes of the conference.   She shared many examples of creativity as well as the importance of collaboration and why teachers need to think about their practice.  A central theme of the presentation was the idea of community and the people who support us and challenge us to reflect on our practice.  We touched on all of these topics in our interview with Mags.

Cara and Amy

Youth Media Team


Barbara Hegarty and the passion in coding

Denis and Cara interviewed Barbara Hegarty at the CESI Conference.  Barbara is the National Co-Ordinator for CoderDojo Ireland.    In our interview Barbara told us about CoderDojo and also about her role in CoderDojo Ireland.

Denis and Cara

Youth Media Team

Starting CESICON 2019 with mic tests

Denis tests the ATR2100 USB mic.

Just before the keynote speech by Mags Amond, Denis and Jack did a mic test using a ATR2100-USB microphone connected via a USB A to USB C adapter into a Galaxy S8 using Spreaker Studio.

Listen to “Jack and Denis microphone Test” on Spreaker.

Bernie Goldbach tested the Beyerdynamic mic connected to the iPad Mini via an iRig Pre.

Listen to “At CESICON 2019” on Spreaker.

Both mic tests sound very clear.

Improving our online publishing

The crew

In preparation for a day-long workshop with Ireland’s Youth Media Team, I’ve pulled together some notes about the process we use when publishing online. As the 15 minute video on YouTube explains, we often spend a half hour bringing together all the content we need to create a blog post.

During the past five years, dozens of members on the Youth Media Team have contributed their ideas and offered suggestions to improve the production workflow. But one fact remains in clear focus–it takes time to draft, write, revise and publish a high quality written blog post. That fact is clear in the podcast I made about publishing.

Listen to “See How the Youth Media Team Publishes” on Spreaker.

During our February 2019 workshop, we will use a creative media syllabus to review our publishing methods and perhaps revise a few steps to make things go smoother.

View on YouTube.

Written by @topgold

Interview with Craig Dwyer

Amy and Cara interviewed Craig Dwyer at the Media Literacy Ireland Autumn Conference. Craig told us about himself and his involvement in the Transparent Referendum initiative. Craig also shared his thoughts on how to make informed choices online and what kinds of media literacy we should be looking for. He described himself as a tech activist while also being a tech optimist and explained what he meant.

Amy and Cara

Youth Media Team

Interview with Peter Feeney

Cara and Roisin interviewed Press Ombudsman Peter Feeney at the Media Literacy Ireland Autumn Conference. Peter told us about his role and responsibilities as Ombudsman. He also shared his thoughts on importance of events like this conference.

Cara and Roisin

Youth Media Team

Interview with John Hartnett

Aoibheann, Emma, Denis and Roisin interviewed John Hartnett the founder and president of the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITGL) at the ITGL Young Innovators event in Shannon Airport. John told us about why he founded ITGL and the work that he does. He also spoke about how important events like today are, as now young people don’t have to wait until their 20s or 30s to be an entrepreneur. John’s advice to us as young people was to follow our passions and to think outside the box when looking for solutions to problems.

Aoibheann, Emma, Denis and Roisin

Youth Media Team