Interview with Maurice Devlin at Léargas

Lorcan and Elena interviewed Maurice Devlin at Léargas 2016 in Dublin Castle. Maurice is a Jean Monnet Professor and Director of the Centre for Youth Research and Development in the Department of Applied Social Studies at NUI Maynooth. He spoke about the insight in young people through exchange and how the Erasmus programme has an influence in their future endeavors.

Lorcan and Elena

Lorcan and Elena

Youth Media Team

Interview with Martina Chapman

Martina Chapman, independent expert in Media Literacy and Digital Engagement, spoke to us at the Media Literacy Policy launch. Martina was involved in the development of the policy and shared some of the projects which informed it’s development. She also spoke about why it is important to have a Media Literacy Policy.

Lorcan, Amy and Roisin
Youth Media Team

Media Literacy in Action

At the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Media Literacy Policy launch four speakers shared some examples of Media Literacy in Action. They all shared their thoughts with us on the importance of a Media Literacy Policy and why young people like ourselves need to be media literate.

Sheila DeCourcy, Cross Divisional Head of Children’s Content in RTE, shared some of the programmes that RTE have produced.

Emma Bowell, from Framework Films,  spoke about working with local communities to produce media content.

Irena Cvetkovic, from Craol, spoke about the importance of Community Radio for Media Literacy.

Simon Grehan shared the work that Webwise is doing with students, parents and teachers to educate them on Internet Safety.

Amy, Roisin and Lorcan
Youth Media Team

Interview with Patrick Paul Walsh

Caitlin and Dave interviewed Patrick Paul Walsh at the presentation of the Ulysses Medal to Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs in University College Dublin .  Patrick is Professor of International Development Studies in UCD.  He spoke about the Ulysses Medal, previous recipients of this award and why Jeffrey Sachs is a worthy recipient.

Caitlin and Dave

Youth Media Team


Interview with Professor Jeffrey Sachs

Caitlin and Dave interviewed Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs at his Ulysses Medal Presentation in University College Dublin. The Ulysses Medal was inaugurated in 2005 and is awarded to those whose work has made an outstanding global contribution. Professor Sachs is a world-renowned Professor of economics, leader in sustainable development and senior United Nations advisor.


Mr. Sachs has been a driving force behind the Millenium Development Goals and subsequently the Sustainable Development Goals. He has also been one of the architects behind the Millennium Villages Project and he spoke to us about his work on these initiatives. He also spoke about how female empowerment can help to eradicate poverty. Professor Sachs has achieved so much throughout his life, from acting as a Senior United Nations adviser to the awarding of his Ulysses Medal. He shared his proudest achievement with us.

Caitlin and Dave,
Youth Media Team