Interview with Joanna Norton @ #Ictedu in LIT Thurles

Lorcan and Cara interviewed Joanna Norton at #Ictedu in LIT Thurles, April 28 2018.

Joanna Norton gave a very interesting key note talk at the conference. After this, we spoke with her about efforts to reform science education i Ireland to try and increase the engagement of students in STEM. We also spoke about how can we bring authentic voice to education and what Joanna saw as her greatest challenge and what inspired her to become involved in education.

Listen below to our interview

Agallamh le Marie Nic an Ri, COGG ag ICTEDU

Chuir Lorcan agus Amy ar Marie Nic an Ri o COGG. Labhair si faoi obair COGG, an dushlain is mo le teagasc na gaeilge. Rinne si cur sios ar achmhainni as Gaeilge ata ar fail ar line

Lorcan and Amy interviewed Maire Nic an Ri from COGG. She told us about the challenges in teaching Irish and about the resources that are available online.

Eist Leis an agallamh thios! / Listen to the interview below!

Interview with Barney Brown

Amy and Denis spoke to Barney Brown. He is the head of Digital Communications at Cambridge University. In his Keynote he talked about the many different ways Cambridge use social platforms to spread the message and encourage people to apply. This include platforms like Instagram and Youtube. We asked him about which platforms he felt were most effective. We also found out about his involvement in the Intercontinental Music Lab and asked about how they reached this idea and what it entails.m mdiw

-Denis and Amy
-Youth Media Team

Interview with Kate O’ Flaherty

Denis and Amy interviewed Kate O’ Flaherty who is the Director of the Health and Wellbeing Program at the Department of Health. Kate spoke about Health Ireland, What the Media Literacy Network can learn from Health Ireland and how they went about developing the Communications and Citizens engagement campaign, Health Ireland 2018.

Denis and Amy
Youth Media Team

Interview with Niamh Sweeney

Denis and Amy interviewed Niamh Sweeney who is the Head of Public Policy at Facebook in Dublin. Niamh told us about herself and how she got into journalism and subsequently Facebook. She also shared her thoughts on why it is important for social media platforms to be involved in the conversation around Media Literacy and what reliable news sources are and how to identify fake news. Finally, she shared her thoughts on the importance of education around media literacy.

Denis and Amy
Youth Media Team

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