Interview with Gavin Duffy and Peter Casey


Laura and Sinead interviewed Dragon’s Den Entrepreneurs Gavin Duffy and Peter Casey. They talked to us about what they thought of the ideas and pitches they saw at the Young Innovators Event, what they look for in a pitch and also how they deal with failure.

Interview with CWIT

Sinead and Laura interviewed Karen Doyle from Intel, Rose Bain from Analog Devices and Una McDermott from DELL who with others in their organisations have come together to set up the Limerick Connecting Women In Technology group. This is a network set up to encourage females to have a career in technology and engineering. Click the link below to see what they had to say about this.


Interview with Ingrid Vanderveldt

ingrid vanderveldt

Laura and Sinead interviewed Entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt, who is the leader of numerous programs at DELL. She talked to us about her ‘Empowering One Billion Women By 2020′ and how she think that if the world is going to be turned around that it has to be done through a new set of eyes, which is the eyes of women. She also talked to us about her leadership and how she thinks sport has the same concept of thinking as setting up a business. We had great fun interviewing Ingrid!

Interview with Ruth Scott


ruth scott

Laura and Sinead interviewed RTE 2FM DJ Ruth Scott. She talked to us about her career as a DJ and how she feels that technology is the way forward and how she found the day to be fascinating. We had a brilliant time interviewing Ruth and wish her all the best with her future!


Interview with Clare McInerney from Lero


Sinead and Laura interviewed Clare McInerney, an Educational Manager from Lero, a research centre which design tools and methodologies and help people write better software. She talked to us about what Lero do, which is working with schools and helping them write software in a fun and creative way. We had a great time interviewing Clare.

Interview with Grasp wearable technologies.

Here Finn and Jack intervieved Ken Byrne and Dr.Michael Walsh. They spoke to us about their new company Grasp and how their new product helps athletes measure there performance and improve it by attaching a clip to there runner or shoe.Their is not a product like it in the world.