Interview with CWIT

Sinead and Laura interviewed Karen Doyle from Intel, Rose Bain from Analog Devices and Una McDermott from DELL who with others in their organisations have come together to set up the Limerick Connecting Women In Technology group. This is a network set up to encourage females to have a career in technology and engineering. Click the link below to see what they had to say about this.


Interview with Ingrid Vanderveldt

ingrid vanderveldt

Laura and Sinead interviewed Entrepreneur Ingrid Vanderveldt, who is the leader of numerous programs at DELL. She talked to us about her ‘Empowering One Billion Women By 2020′ and how she think that if the world is going to be turned around that it has to be done through a new set of eyes, which is the eyes of women. She also talked to us about her leadership and how she thinks sport has the same concept of thinking as setting up a business. We had great fun interviewing Ingrid!

Interview with Ruth Scott


ruth scott

Laura and Sinead interviewed RTE 2FM DJ Ruth Scott. She talked to us about her career as a DJ and how she feels that technology is the way forward and how she found the day to be fascinating. We had a brilliant time interviewing Ruth and wish her all the best with her future!


Interview with Clare McInerney from Lero


Sinead and Laura interviewed Clare McInerney, an Educational Manager from Lero, a research centre which design tools and methodologies and help people write better software. She talked to us about what Lero do, which is working with schools and helping them write software in a fun and creative way. We had a great time interviewing Clare.

Interview with Grasp wearable technologies.

Here Finn and Jack intervieved Ken Byrne and Dr.Michael Walsh. They spoke to us about their new company Grasp and how their new product helps athletes measure there performance and improve it by attaching a clip to there runner or shoe.Their is not a product like it in the world.

Youth Media Team at Féilte


Our Youth Media Team traveled to Dublin on Friday 4th October for Féilte.  On the Friday night we went to the CESI Meet and interviewed some of the attendees to elicit their thoughts on many topics including teaching, technology in education, #edchatie and many more.  The main aim of the exercise was to re-familiarise the team with the technology that they would be using to interview, blog and tweet.

Busy researching
Prepping with Conor and Bernie
Prepping with Conor and Bernie

Saturday morning saw the familiar red shirts take their place at Féilte in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham for the start of a busy day.  We planned some of the interviews for the day ahead, and tasked the team with researching the people and organisations that they would interview.  It became quite an organic process as, for the most part, they chose the interviews that they would do.  Their instructions were straightforward:


Of course no day would be complete without a bit of drama.  For us this came in the form of the loss of one of our first interviews of the day, Brídín and Jack’s interview with Fintan O’Toole, Deputy Editor of the Irish Times.  To the team’s credit, despite the bitter disappointment at the loss of this interview, they kept going and put it down to experience.  Unbeknown to us all, our resident techie Bernie, worked tirelessly during the day to try to retrieve the lost interview and, miracle of miracles, he managed to retrieve it at around 4pm.  To say that we were delighted to get it back, doesn’t even begin to come close to how we all felt!!

The team with Aoibhinn Ní Suilleabháin
The team with Aoibhinn Ní Suilleabháin
The team with David Coleman
The team with David Coleman

The feedback, both on the day and since, has been very positive towards the team.  The idea has really caught people’s imaginations and I’m delighted to hear that it has prompted a number of teachers to look into setting up Youth Media Team’s in their own schools.


Photos courtesy of @_conorglvin, @fboss and @evelynoconnor
Photos courtesy of @_conorglvin, @fboss and @evelynoconnor

You can check out the blog posts from the team here and you can access their interviews directly here.

A final word of thanks to the back room team of Conor Galvin, Evelyn O’Connor and Bernie Goldbach.  Their guidance and expertise made it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Pam O’Brien



Interview at FEILTE with Micheal Mulgrew

Finn and David talked to Micheal Mulgrew, one of the Speakers at Feilte, about the festival itself and also about the differences between Irish teachers and American teachers.  He had lots to say about what teachers in New York have in common as well as how they differ in his view.  He also gave a great talk at the conference.

Michael is the fifth president of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), whose 200,000 members include teachers and other professional staff in New York City public schools as well as family child-care providers, nurses, adult education instructors and retired members.