Interview with Ciaran Cannon-Minister of State for Training and Skills.

In our interview with Minister Ciaran Cannon TD we found out that he loves technology, and doesn’t have a single piece of paper in his office! When we asked him about school he said that his favourite subject was Physics and Music, we also found out that he plays piano. He said that he would definitely like to see more technology access in schools. His favourite app is Spotify, which he uses to download music regularly.

When we asked him why the government doesn’t do more about sites like he said that doesn’t create bullying it’s people who go onto this site causing harassment and trouble. He said it’s bullying that needs to be addressed in schools more than the site.

Youth Media Team

Brídín & Jack

Willie McTiernan and Martin Owen

Willie McTiernan and Martin Owen presented on the Racing Academy Software at ICTEDU2013 in LIT Thurles.   Racing academy is a game to teach people physics by using a simulated car and drag race.  It has options to change your car (You can choose the engine, colour, brakes, tyres and gears).  Once you have chosen your car you race it. At the end you can see a graph of your speed and your opponents speed.

Willie and Martin also presented on other resources at ICTEDU 2013:

Open source physics
This shows students different resources for science.  It has resources for chemistry , biology and physics.  Watch out because it is in Lithuanian but if you use Google chrome you can translate it

Explore learning
This is a resource that show simulations of different things in science.   It costs money to get an account but you can get a free 30 day trial

Molecular model for an ideal gas
It shows students that molecules obey Newtons law of motion.  Molecules move in all directions in equal probibility. There is no interactions between molecules.The molecules bounced off the walls.

Interactivate rabbits and wolves
This demonstrates how predator/prey interact with each other.  It shows the population of wolves, rabbits and grass.  As the rabbits eat the grass the grass population drops.  As the rabbit population grows the wolves start eating the rabbits.  Then the wolf population grows.
It is a great way to show the food chain.  You can change the parameters and see how it changes the simulation.

Interactivate multi-function data flyer
This is a free resource for drawing graphs on the Internet.   You can enter your data points and it will make a graph.

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Convention organiser #ictedu

Pam O Brien helped organise this conference and helped find many of the 32 speakers. She is a lecturer in maths here at LIT Tipperary, Thurles Campus and says that this conference will give first, second and third level educators a chance to share their ideas.

A conference well organised  !

Youth Media Team


The Youth Media Team at ICTEDU 2013

This year we introduced a Youth Media Team to the conference for the first time. Here they are in their distinctive red polos…. and also the ‘less-young’ mentors who really enjoyed working with this wonderful group of young tech-users; Joe Dale, Bernie Goldbach and myself.  We all learnt from the experience.



Conor Galvin

Youth Media Team Cat-herder… 🙂


Ann Marie McSorley talks the importance of Communication and Checking


Ann Marie gave a talk about internet awareness, anti-bullying and the negative impact of certain apps.  She was saying that you should learn how to use technology with your kids.  She said that you shouldn’t block websites as then the children will want it more.  She showed us ‘Aftermaths’ which is a website that you go on and solve maths problems before your granted access to social networking sites.  The more you solve the more time you can have on your chosen website.   She mentioned the three Cs; keep checking, keep communicating and keep current.  She mentioned that even though ‘Snapchat ‘ is great if you have children that live away from you, there are also negative.  People can use it as a way of ‘sexting’ and bullying.

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Kate and Sinéad

Mary Jo Bell’s talk at ICTEDU

While sitting and listening to Mary Jo Bell’s ( @7mjb) talk I realised something , this woman knew her stuff big time. Sure she was a little late starting and showed some stuff she probably didn’t need to. But her talk was very informative and her use of technology in the classroom was superb. A great talk!

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Interview with Maria Hinfelaar

As part of the Youth Media Team (#YMT) at the ICT in Education Conference at LIT today we interviewed Maria Hinfelaar (Presidant of LIT since 2004). She gave us her opinions on teachers in schools using technology such as email and Facebook to communicate with students and improve teaching in general. She also listed the technology she uses herself in daily life.


Youth Media Team
Eadaoin & Sean

Student Voices – Catherine Cronin

Catherine Cronin was also talking at the conference in L.I.T Thurles about “student voices”, how teachers should help and listen to students and learning experiences that stayed with you. She also talked about teaching and learning over social media and how to try and integrate it into the classroom.  She also covered the importance for teachers to listen to students and work with them using technology.

Catherine Cronin

Youth Media Team

Finn and David

Catherine, Dave and Finn