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Interview with Chris and Amy at CESIcon16


Tony and I interviewed Chris and Amy.  We were struck by their enthusiasm for using technology for learning in formal educational settings.

We both got lots of ideas about how their skills and interests in technology may be fused with practice.

We learned about their differences in experiences moving from primary education to secondary education and how there now appears to be a more integrated approach to technology in education.

Tony and Dermot


Interview with Steve and Susanne.


Caitlin interviewed Steve and Susanne from Aerial Filming Ireland at the Digital Youth Council’s review and planning meeting. They told us about how they became involved in drones and what they spoke to the Digital Youth Council members about. Suzanne also told us a bit about their new project Sky Tango.


Youth Media Team.



Interview with Jackie Cahill

jackie cahill

At the launch of Brendan Cummins’ book ‘Standing My Ground’ we interviewed Jackie Cahill who co-wrote the book with Brendan.

Jackie gave us an insight into the process of writing a book with a sportsman such as Brendan, his memories from Brendan’s career and a look at the man behind the public persona.

Chris and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Paul Collins

paul collins

At the launch of Brendan Cummins’ book ‘Standing My Ground’ we spoke to Paul Collins, Journalist with Today FM and friend of Brendan.  Paul talked to us about the qualities that Brendan brought to the game of hurling that would make him a good choice as future manager of the Tipperary senior hurling team. Despite pressing him to share some anecdotes about Brendan, he pleaded libel laws and declined to share one with us!

We had a bit of banter with Paul at the end – he reckoned one of us was good and the other was cat! You can decide which was which 🙂

Dave and Finn

Youth Media Team

Interview with Brendan Cummins

brendan cumminsAt the launch of Brendan Cummins’ book ‘Standing My Ground’ which was co-written with Jackie Cahill, we interviewed Brendan, former goalkeeper for the Tipperary Senior Hurling Team.

Brendan shared his thoughts on the inspiration behind the book, his stand out moment from his career, how  he is readjusting to life after retirement from inter county hurling and he even shared a story with us that he couldn’t include in the book!

Róisín and Chris

Youth Media Team

Interviews with Liam Heffernan and Noel Maloney

At the media launch for the Tipperary County Final, we spoke to  Liam Heffernan and Noel Maloney from Nenagh Éire Óg.  They gave a view from the manager and captains perspective on leading their team into a county final.

Finn, Chris and Róisín

Youth Media Team

Interview with Liam Sheedy

liam sheedy

At the launch of Brendan Cummins’ book ‘Standing My Ground’ we interviewed Liam Sheedy, who was the manager of the Tipperary Senior Hurling team from 2007 to 2010.

Liam shared his stand out moment from Brendan’s career, his perspective on the pressures that come with playing and managing at inter-county level and how he has transitioned to life as a pundit.

Dave and Róisín

Youth Media Team