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Interview with Fred Boss

Amy and Roisin interviewed Fred Boss of #edchatie fame. Fred established this online community of educators across Ireland and facilitates a weekly online chat on a Monday evening from 8:30 to 9:30. Fred is an Arts teacher who is now working as Education Officer with the NCCA.

Youth Media Team
Amy and Roisin

Interview with Derek Breen

Finn and Chris interview Derek Breen. We found out how he doesnt mind doing talks in different countries as long as he has his flight paid. We also learned of his hatred for power point and how he involves t-shirts (that he creates using scratch) in his talks. We also heard of the creator of “Colour Divide” and what she is up to since.

Due to technical difficulties we are unable to post our interview yet 🙁

Interview with Leigh Graves Wolf

Amy and Roisin interviewed Leigh Graves Wolf. Leigh is from Michigan State University and delivered a Spotlight presentation and talked about design thinking.  In the interview she talked about who she  was and how much design thinking can progress in the future.

click here to listen to our interview-

Amy and Roisin

Youth Media Team

YMT interview… with Chris!


The tables have turned as Chris is interviewed by attendees of the ‘Learn with the Youth Media Team’ workshop at Cesicon2016. As they were given instructions of how the youth media team run, they then decided to interview Chris, a member of the Youth Media Team.

They were interested in how the Youth Media Team made an impact on his life and wondered why he still goes to events with the team.

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