Interview with Paddy McCormack and Padraic Maher ,Thurles Sarsfields

padraic maher

At the launch of this years Clean Ireland Recycling Senior Hurling Final in Semple Stadium Chris, Finn and Roisin caught up with Thurles Sarsfields manager Paddy McCormack and captain Padraic Maher who shared their views on this years final and the challenge of Nenagh Eire Óg.

Here’s the interviews:

Padraic Maher

Paddy McCormack

Youth Media Team,

Chris, Finn and Roisin

Interview with Bianca Ní Ghrógaín and Susan nic Reamoin


Here we interviewed Bianca Ní Ghrógaín and Susan nic Reamoin from Dublin City University.They are primary school teachers who are interested in using technology in the classroom.We talked about thier use of technology at home and at school we also talked about thier one wish for technology in school.They were very enthusiastic and happy to answer all of our questions.

Anna and Amy
Youth Media Team

Interview with Mary Loftus

Finn and Jack interviewed Mary Loftus about her thoughts on today and how she enjoys coming to #ictedu each year and making new connections and creating new adventures.

Youth Media Team 

Finn and Jack 



Today we interviewed Rachael Cooke .She has been drawing pictures on her tablet and laptop to capture the atmosphere at the conference today, #ICTEDU. We talked to her about why she likes technology ,what she uses it for and why she is here today.She was very enthusiastic to talk to us and answered all of our questions.

Amy and Anna
Youth Media Team


Interview with C.B.S Principal Tiernan O’Donnell

Here Chris and Finn caught up with their school principal Tiernan O’Donnell from C.B.S Thurles.They talked to him about the schools recent intergration of iPads and Apple T.V’s and how it gave teachers the ability to have an easy flow of learning in the classroom.They also talked to him about the schools recent Harty Cup win and also their achievement of reaching the Masita All-ireland schools final.

Youth Media Team
Chris and Finn.

YMT at #ictedu 2015

The youth media team are here at #ictedu for the third year on the trot! This year the group consists of Caitlin, Chris, Finn and Jack. This year the theme is ‘Make’, ‘Bake’, ‘Take’, encoraging attendes to make something, baking the ideas in their ideas in their heads and then taking ideas the others to share and converse. Over the day we’ll be tweeting, blog posting, interviewing and everything inbetween, catching up with everyone here at the conference, STAY TUNED!!

Youth Media Team

Photo : @sgpdst

Interview with Dughall McCormick

Here David and Finn interviewed Dughall McCormick at the end of #cesicon. We talked to him about the English CESI equivalent NAACE, where teachers and their families come together over a weekend or long weekend . Along with sharing their thoughts and ideas they also have family based activities such as ; treasure hunts, music making and camp fires, creating an inclusive and interactive atmosphere.

Youth Media Team,

Finn and David

Interview with Conor Power – #cesicon

At #cesicon Conor Power gave a workshop on the Google suite of “classroom” and how he was using the new Google service in his own classroom. Finn and David also talked to him about his first year being on the CESI excecutive and also discussed his long history with the CESI group and the conference itself.

Youth Media Team,

David and Finn.

Interview with Ryan Tubridy at #Feilte

This morning  Eoin and Finn interviewed RTÉ’s Ryan Tubridy. He talked to us about his schools days. Even though he wasn’t an ‘A’ grade student he still enjoyed school as a whole. In his keynote he talked about how teachers went off the beaten track to engage the class and capture their imaginations.

We also posed the question “if half the books I read are on kindle does that make me less of a reader?”, Ryan went on to explain his love for hard print literature and that the use of technology should be limited and balanced. He is a firm believer in people reading physical books. He also mentioned his dislike of social media describing it as “non-social media”.

Youth Media Team :

Eoin Corbett

Finn Briody

Interview with Conor Cusack at #Feilte


Caitlin and Finn interviewed Conor Cusack who’s here at #Feilte today to talk about mental wellbeing.   Conor was an intercounty hurler for Cork and is still pursuing his club career with Cloyne.  Throughout his life Conor has battled with depression and spoke to us today about how being surrounded by teammates doesnn’t insulate you from feeling isolated and alone. Conor has openly spoken about his battles with depression. He did this via his blog : Depression is a friend not my enemy. This is an inspirational and empowering piece.

Youth Media Team

Caitlin Donnelly

Finn Briody