YMT interview… with Chris!


The tables have turned as Chris is interviewed by attendees of the ‘Learn with the Youth Media Team’ workshop at Cesicon2016. As they were given instructions of how the youth media team run, they then decided to interview Chris, a member of the Youth Media Team.

They were interested in how the Youth Media Team made an impact on his life and wondered why he still goes to events with the team.

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Interview With Team 4

Today at the Cesi Conference in DCU, Leanne Salmon and Frieda Creaghan had an interview with Ricardo and Catherine  during a Youth Media Team workshop.

Youth Media Team

Interview with Chris and Amy at CESIcon16


Tony and I interviewed Chris and Amy.  We were struck by their enthusiasm for using technology for learning in formal educational settings.

We both got lots of ideas about how their skills and interests in technology may be fused with practice.

We learned about their differences in experiences moving from primary education to secondary education and how there now appears to be a more integrated approach to technology in education.

Tony and Dermot


Thomas Boyle and Mags Amond’s interview with Caitlin and Roisin

YMT interview Mags Amond and Thomas Boyle

The tables were turned this week at #cesicon when Mags amond and Thomas Boyle interviewed Caitlin and Roisin from the Youth Media Team. They spoke about how the Youth Media Team has changed their school lives and personal development. They also spoke about how simple the work of the Youth Media Team is and how they have learned so much from the conferences they have attended.


Youth Media Team.