Interview with Derek Breen

Finn and Chris interview Derek Breen. We found out how he doesnt mind doing talks in different countries as long as he has his flight paid. We also learned of his hatred for power point and how he involves t-shirts (that he creates using scratch) in his talks. We also heard of the creator of “Colour Divide” and what she is up to since.

Due to technical difficulties we are unable to post our interview yet 🙁

Interview with Leigh Graves Wolf

Amy and Roisin interviewed Leigh Graves Wolf. Leigh is from Michigan State University and delivered a Spotlight presentation and talked about design thinking.  In the interview she talked about who she  was and how much design thinking can progress in the future.

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Amy and Roisin

Youth Media Team

Interview with David Pollard

Caitlin and Roisin interviewed David Pollard at #cesicon. David spoke about his work with Learning Tech Labs. He told us how they are community of technologists,designers,educators and entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and creating solutions for better education. He told us about how that community has developed and where to find it.

Caitlin and Roisin

Youth Media Team

Claire, AilĂ­s and Gavin’s interview with Caitlin and Amy

During our Youth Media Team workshop we got interviewed by Claire,Ailís and Gavin. They asked us about how the work of the Youth Media Team and our experience with it. They also asked us about our favourite interviews, possible interviews and people we might like to interview in the future.  They asked us about difficulties and how we overcame them.

Caitlin and Amy

Youth Media Team


Seamus, Norah, Mary and Mary Kate’s interview with Roisin

The tables were turned for Roisin as she got interviewed at YMT’s latest workshop at #Cesicon. Seamus, Mary, Norah and Mary-Kate got the chance to learn how the Youth Media Team formed and how they work. They were very interested in how easy it was to record the audio, write the blog post and tweet.


Youth Media Team


Chris and Amy interview with Donna Vaughan

During Cesicon2016 Amy and Chris interviewed Donna Vaughin. After hearing so much about Cesicon she decided to come all the way from Northern Ireland to Cesicon. In this interview Donna informs us of the purpose of her job with C2K.

Youth Media Team,
Amy and Chris.

Caitlin and Amy’s interview with Colm Gorey

Caitlin and Amy interviewed Colm  Gorey from Silicon Republic.  Colm told us that he was at #cesicon in order to make connections and meet with the people he has seen on Twitter. He also spoke about his role in Silicon Republic and the event they are running again this year Inspirefest.

Caitlin and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Seamus O’Neill

Math! Magic!

Roisin interviewed Seamus O’Neill at #Cesicon. Seamus is a retired primary school teacher and author of Mathemagic 1-6. He spoke about his new project ‘Ready Steady Code’ and how he wants this implemented in primary school maths classes. Seamus runs courses in Navan Education Centre and he told us more about these.