Caitlin’s Interview with Paul Hopkins

Caitlin interviewed one of today’s keynote speakers Paul Hopkins. Paul is a visually-impaired creative with the voice behind @vipodcasting on several social audio channels,know’s it’s better to “make your takeaways inclusive by design” , the title of his keynote.
Paul and Caitlin talked about the importance of braille in education and in everyday life. We also spoke about the conference today, #ictedu and how his keynote went.

Here is a link to the interview:


Interview with Mary Loftus

Finn and Jack interviewed Mary Loftus about her thoughts on today and how she enjoys coming to #ictedu each year and making new connections and creating new adventures.

Youth Media Team 

Finn and Jack 



Today we interviewed Rachael Cooke .She has been drawing pictures on her tablet and laptop to capture the atmosphere at the conference today, #ICTEDU. We talked to her about why she likes technology ,what she uses it for and why she is here today.She was very enthusiastic to talk to us and answered all of our questions.

Amy and Anna
Youth Media Team


Caitlin and Christopher’s interview with Dr. Steve Bunce

Caitlin and Christopher interviewed Dr. Steve Bunce.
Dr Steve Bunce is an experienced teacher and has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools and covered many roles including ICT co-ordinator, head of year and senior leader. Developing teaching and learning in schools is the focus of Steve’s work and he now advises teachers in computing and using iPads to impact upon learning.
We talked about his involvement with with Makey-Makey and why he is in attendance at ICTedu today.He told us how he is enjoying todays conference and how learning from other teachers is one of his highlights.

Caitlin and Christopher

Jack and Caitlin’s interview with Paschal Meehan.

Caitlin and Jack interviewed Paschal Meehan.Paschal is Head of Faculty of Applied Science,Engineering & Technology(ASET) at LIT and a member of the Governing Council of the Institute. He was at ICTedu to help launch the conference and very kindly took time-out to speak to us on the YMT.

We talked to Paschal about how he uses technology and how important programming is in schools. According to Paschal it should be a subject of its own and every teacher should be familiar with it. Paschal is enjoying all the stands and key note speakers.

Youth Media Team
Caitlin and Jack

Interview with C.B.S Principal Tiernan O’Donnell

Here Chris and Finn caught up with their school principal Tiernan O’Donnell from C.B.S Thurles.They talked to him about the schools recent intergration of iPads and Apple T.V’s and how it gave teachers the ability to have an easy flow of learning in the classroom.They also talked to him about the schools recent Harty Cup win and also their achievement of reaching the Masita All-ireland schools final.

Youth Media Team
Chris and Finn.

YMT at #ictedu 2015

The youth media team are here at #ictedu for the third year on the trot! This year the group consists of Caitlin, Chris, Finn and Jack. This year the theme is ‘Make’, ‘Bake’, ‘Take’, encoraging attendes to make something, baking the ideas in their ideas in their heads and then taking ideas the others to share and converse. Over the day we’ll be tweeting, blog posting, interviewing and everything inbetween, catching up with everyone here at the conference, STAY TUNED!!

Youth Media Team

Photo : @sgpdst