Interview with Michael Carey

Anna and Amy interviewed Michael Carey, who has been involved in a pilot initiative to broaden the variety of subjects at Junior Cert. He spoke about a Junior Cert short course on Coding and also about how schools can now develop their own courses to fulfil their students needs.

Youth Media Team
Anna and Amy

Interview with Tomas McLoughlin

Anna and Roisin interviewed Tomas McLoughlin. Tomas is a teacher in Rosegreen National School near Cashle in Tipperary. At the Digital Megameet today Tomas shared a Digital Portfolio app called Seesaw which he has used as a Learning Support tool. This app helps the social development of students.

Youth Media Team
Anna and Roisin

Interview with Fred Boss

Amy and Roisin interviewed Fred Boss of #edchatie fame. Fred established this online community of educators across Ireland and facilitates a weekly online chat on a Monday evening from 8:30 to 9:30. Fred is an Arts teacher who is now working as Education Officer with the NCCA.

Youth Media Team
Amy and Roisin

Interview with Medibands

Chris and Dave interviewed Ben and Oisin with MediBands. They created a silicone band that takes you to a website with the wearers medical history, allergies etc. when a photo is taken of it. it shws how something as small as a band could potentially save lives.

Youth Media Team
Chris and Dave

Interview with Confey College

Dave and Chris interviewed 4 lads from Confey College in Leixlip in Kildare. They told us about their project, why they came to Excited today and some of the ins and outs of their satellite.

Youth Media Team
Dave and Chris

Interview with Rapid Foundation

Chris interviewed the co-Founder of the Rapid Foundation, Colin Keogh. Rapid Foundation go to developing countries and introduce people there to technology. The believe that everyone should have access t technology. At the Excited Digital Learning Festival today they were demo’ing a 3D printer.

Youth Media Team

Interview with Café Connect

David spoke with Sean, Paul and Sarah from Café Connect in Portumna. They set up this initiative with the help of their teacher to give people who didn’t grow up with technology a chance to learn how to use the things they take for granted. It also helped to solve the problem of rural isolation in their area, which they felt was a huge issue.

Youth Media Team