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Musings about big events we’ve attended.

Interview with Conor Power – #cesicon

At #cesicon Conor Power gave a workshop on the Google suite of “classroom” and how he was using the new Google service in his own classroom. Finn and David also talked to him about his first year being on the CESI excecutive and also discussed his long history with the CESI group and the conference itself.

Youth Media Team,

David and Finn.

Interview with Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is an Irish journalist, author, television presenter and radio presenter of The Last Word on Today FM. He is a former editor of the Sunday Tribune, as well as a former business editor of the Irish Independent. The author of two books ‘Who Really Runs Ireland?’ (2010) and ‘How Ireland Really Went Bust’ (2011), Cooper has thoroughly examined Irish businessmen and politicians.

Team with Matt Cooper

In our interview Matt shared his motivation for being at Feilte as well as his thoughts on the education system in Ireland.  As a father of five children in primary and secondary education he is involved in both the Parent Teacher Association and the Board of Management in his children’s primary school.   He shared his thoughts on technology in education among other things.

Éadaoin and Eoin

Youth Media Team


Keeping the fires alive

One of the panel discussions at Féilte was on the topic of ‘Keeping the fires alive’ involving Marie Thérése Kilmartin, Beth Cooney and Anne White.  Marie Thérése is  principal of the Presentation Secondary Secondary School in Clondalkin,  Beth is a French and History teacher in St Mary’s Secondary School in Nenagh and Anne is a primary teacher in Malahide.  During our chat Marie Thérése, Beth and Anne shared their ideas on how they achieve this and their thoughts on Féilte.

Caitlin and Dave

Youth Media Team


Interview with Ryan Tubridy at #Feilte

This morning  Eoin and Finn interviewed RTÉ’s Ryan Tubridy. He talked to us about his schools days. Even though he wasn’t an ‘A’ grade student he still enjoyed school as a whole. In his keynote he talked about how teachers went off the beaten track to engage the class and capture their imaginations.

We also posed the question “if half the books I read are on kindle does that make me less of a reader?”, Ryan went on to explain his love for hard print literature and that the use of technology should be limited and balanced. He is a firm believer in people reading physical books. He also mentioned his dislike of social media describing it as “non-social media”.

Youth Media Team :

Eoin Corbett

Finn Briody

Interview with Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan

Having been appointed as Minister for Education in July of this year, Jan O’Sullivan has so far experienced three months in her new position, only one of which has been during the academic term.
She took a Higher Diploma in Education at University College Cork, and she briefly worked as a secondary school teacher after this. She later emigrated to Canada, where she studied as a pre-school teacher. Between these experiences and her role as the Minister for Education, Minister O’Sullivan is the ideal person to interview at Feilte, a Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence.

Amongst the questions we asked Minister O’Sullivan were what she feels is the most rewarding part of being a Minister, what she thinks are the most important skills we should learn in school as well as what part does she see technology playing in education in the future.

Dave and Eadaoin

Youth Media Team

Interview with Conor Cusack at #Feilte


Caitlin and Finn interviewed Conor Cusack who’s here at #Feilte today to talk about mental wellbeing.   Conor was an intercounty hurler for Cork and is still pursuing his club career with Cloyne.  Throughout his life Conor has battled with depression and spoke to us today about how being surrounded by teammates doesnn’t insulate you from feeling isolated and alone. Conor has openly spoken about his battles with depression. He did this via his blog : Depression is a friend not my enemy. This is an inspirational and empowering piece.

Youth Media Team

Caitlin Donnelly

Finn Briody