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Musings about big events we’ve attended.

Interview with Tim Rylands and Sarah Nield

In our interview with Tim Ryland and Sarah Nield, we talked about the importance of blending analog and digital in the learning environment. They also shared their thoughts on why the word teacher can sometimes be too one sided and also why the best teachers are the ones with bite marks on their tongues.

Jack and Christopher
Youth Media Team

Interview with Sabine McKenna

Jack and Christopher interviewed Sabine McKenna , a minecraft expert. We discussed the importance of technology in classrooms. Sabine told us about the possibilities when using minecraft in classrooms. You can use Minecraft for Maths, English and History and so much more. She believes programming is a necessity in Ireland because it is the future.

Jack and Christopher
Youth Media Team

Interview with Conor Power – #cesicon

At #cesicon Conor Power gave a workshop on the Google suite of “classroom” and how he was using the new Google service in his own classroom. Finn and David also talked to him about his first year being on the CESI excecutive and also discussed his long history with the CESI group and the conference itself.

Youth Media Team,

David and Finn.

Interview with Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is an Irish journalist, author, television presenter and radio presenter of The Last Word on Today FM. He is a former editor of the Sunday Tribune, as well as a former business editor of the Irish Independent. The author of two books ‘Who Really Runs Ireland?’ (2010) and ‘How Ireland Really Went Bust’ (2011), Cooper has thoroughly examined Irish businessmen and politicians.

Team with Matt Cooper

In our interview Matt shared his motivation for being at Feilte as well as his thoughts on the education system in Ireland.  As a father of five children in primary and secondary education he is involved in both the Parent Teacher Association and the Board of Management in his children’s primary school.   He shared his thoughts on technology in education among other things.

Éadaoin and Eoin

Youth Media Team