Interview with Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan McDermott Interviewed by @YMTfm

Eoghan McDermott is an Irish television and radio presenter mostly known for hosting The Voice of Ireland. We caught up with him at Féilte.

In the interview, Eoghan jokes that he has come to the conference because “he was paid loads of money and is in debt to a vicious money lender” before going on to talk about how his parents were teachers and how there were “always teaching conversations going on in the house throughout the years.”

McDermott goes on to talk about how when he spoke out about his mental well-being. He said that the overwhelming reaction from young people was saying thank you for speaking out, because it’s hard.

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Interview with Marty Cooper

Dave and Caitlin interviewed Marty Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, about his idea for the mobile phone, the future of the phone, other inventions he has created and what he thinks about banning phones in schools.

Here are some pics of the original phone



Interview with BT and EU Science Competition Winners!

We caught up with Sophie Healy Thow, Emer Hicky and Ciara Judge who won the Science & Technology section of the BT and EU Young Scientist Competitions – quite an achievement!

We talked about what the young people themselves thought about technology in the classroom and the background of their award-winning Science project!

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Interviewing Dr Ruth Freeman

Dr Ruth Freeman, Director of Programmes, Enterprise and International Affairs at the Science Foundation of Ireland took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us.

We chatted about her background in genetics, how the foundation decides who to give funding to and how to get more girls into science.

YMTfm’s interview with Lord David Puttnam

Jack and Aisling interviewed Lord Puttnam.  In the interview, they talked about technology in education, UNICEF, David’s worldwide teaching from his old barn in Cork and they couldn’t help but mention his huge success in film making.  Lord Puttnam sits on the Labour benches but he’s not a politician.  He believes that technology is the only way forward.

Jack and Aisling
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