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YMT speaks with Peter Hussey – Director of Crooked House Theatre Company @LeargasForum

Wiktoria and Jack interviewed Peter Hussey and his members of the Crooked House Theatre Company. The group just opened up the Leargas Forum with an amazing performance. In his interview, he spoke about the formation of the company and the work they do.

Listen to “Interview with Peter Hussey and his team” on Spreaker.

Wiktoria and Jack
Youth Media Team

YMT speak with Barbara NOLAN Head of the Erasmus+ Programme Co-ordination Unit at the Léargas Forum

Ms Barbara Nolan was until recently the Director of the European Commission Representation in Dublin.  An Irish woman, she now works as the co-ordinater of the Erasmus+ Programme Unit in Brussels.  This is a senior and very challenging job in the EC structure.

Just before we spoke, Barbara gave the LEARGAS Forum Keynote talk; it was about the future of Erasmus+ and European unity.  She spoke about getting teenagers involved in European politics and about how beneficial the Erasmus program is for partcipating students. We particularly liked her points about language opening up opportunities in the world.

Listen to “Interview with Barbara Nolan – Co-ordinator of Erasmus Programme” on Spreaker.

Susan and Vicky
Youth Media Team

LEARGAS Forum 2017

The Youth Media Team is at Dublin Castle today for the Leargas Forum 2017. It’s the 30th Anniversary of ERASMUS, so it is a big event. The full details of this exciting event are here.

The Forum opened with a performace from Peter Hussey’s Crooked House Theatre Company; it was really thought provoking. Una Halligan the journalist will be chairing a panel later in the morning on ‘European Citizenship, 30 years on.’ And the keynote talk is from Barbara NOLAN who is with the co-ordinating unit or ERASMUS+ at teh European Commission. Plus there are loads of workshops and a Project Showcase for schools that have been working with Léargas over teh last year or so.

It will be a busy and interesting day!

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Interview with Leanne Lynch

Cara and Amy interviewed Leanne Lynch, a teacher in St. Mary’s Convent Primary School in Nenagh, the organiser of the Clare TeachMeet.  Leanne gave us her thoughts on the TeachMeet format of Continuous Professional Development and the importance of having TeachMeets in places like Ennis.

Cara and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Pat Hanrahan

Amy and Cara interviewed Pat Hanrahan, Director of the Clare Education Center after the Teach Meet in Clare. Pat shared how the Education Centres support teachers through providing Continuous Professional Development among other things. Tonight was Pat’s first time at a TeachMeet, a format that he really loved. He is looking forward to hosting future TeachMeets at Clare Education Centre.

Amy and Cara
Youth Media Team

Interview with Bryn Llewellyn

Amy and Cara (or is it Cara and Amy:)) spoke to Bryn Llewellyn at the TeachMeet in Clare.  Bryn spoke about the workshop he did with the girls in Amy’s former primary school in Nenagh yesterday.  He also shared the work he is doing with Tagtiv8 on Active Learning in Maths and English.

Find out more about Tagtiv8 at the following links
Research into active learning by Leeds Beckett University.
Recent feature on ITV News.
An article following an Activity Day & CPD with a London school
An article about the TAGTIV8 ethos

Cara and Amy

Youth Media Team

Snapshot of Projects at SciFest

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Solar Sleeve


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Tractor Safety Lock


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