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Snapshot of Projects at SciFest

Enable Arm – The Winner

When in Doubt Swing it out

Fire Ashes – an under valued nutrient

Bike Collision Detection System

Bioassay to investigate the affect of Organic and Non Organic Fertiliser Runoff on Daphnia Populations

Ultra Vision

Growing Medium for Potatoes

Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast

Solar Sleeve


Height Adjustable Crutch

What Environment do Lichens Prefer?

Tractor Safety Lock


Youth Media Team

Interview with Peter O Mahony, Billy Holland and Duncan Williams of Munster Rugby

On the eve of Féilte, we in YMT meet to strategise and plan for the busy day ahead. This year’s planning had an added bonus – we had a chance meeting with the Munster Rugby team who were staying in the hotel strategising and planning for their big game with Leinster. They kindly gave of their time to answer a few YMT questions and told us about their lives as professional rugby players and in keeping with the spirit of FÉILTE, about some teachers who inspired them. Thanks to Peter, Billy and Duncan 🙂

Denis, Jack, Lorcan, Amy, Roisin, Anna and Cara
Youth Media Team