Interview with Sharon Kearney

Sharon from Bridge21 gave a talk to us about her approach to teaching English and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in particular, to secondary school students. Sharon believes that it is more benificial for students to use technology in learning. So far her methods have proven succesful. Sharon aims to incorporate her methods into more schools.

Youth Media Team
Lorcan, Ezra & Ben

Interview with Mike Carey and Conor Power

Today at CESICon Lorcan and Elena interviewed Conor Power and Mike Carey.

They talked out the new junior cert coding course thats in its interm stage and how its going to continue into the future. They also talked about how its going to work in disadvantaged schools

Youth Media Team
Lorcan and Elena

Interview with Erin from Physics Busking

The team interviewed Erin from Physics Busking at #FEILTE.  She spoke about what they were doing and how people have reacted to their showcase. She shared their experience at the conference today.

Roisin and Amy
youth Media Team

Interview with Chris Reina

The team interviewed Chris Reina at #FEILTE. Chris spoke at Teachmeet Ireland and we asked him about his views on #FEILTE. He told us that one of the things he likes about the conference is diversity and about how teachers are incorporating this in our education system.

Anna and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Miriam Bergin

The team interviewed secondary school teacher Miriam Bergin about the panel she was involved with at #FEILTE today.  Miriam spoke about how important sharing is in education and also about how important technology is in.  She told us about how she uses technology in her classroom and her school.


Youth Media Team

Interview with Karl Henry and Dr. Ciara Kelly

The team interviewed Karl Henry and Dr. Ciara Kelly about the panel they were involved in at #Feilte. They spoke about the importance of physical education in our lives and how technology can help us to get more active, but that technology cannot replace it. We also spoke about Dr. Kelly’s new radio programme which will be going live tomorrow.

Youth Media Team

Interview with Keelin Shanley

The team interviewed RTE broadcaster Keelin Shanley. Keelin told us about her interest in female representation in STEM and about what she has learned in her career. She also spoke about what she is learning now that her children are in our education system.

Youth Media Team
Roisín and Chris

Interview with Sinead Burke.

The team interviewed Sinead Burke who was part of a panel at #FEILTE today. Sinead is referred to as a small person and she spoke about how the challenges she has faced in her online life have got her to where she is in her life and teaching career. We asked her about her inspirations and how they’ve got her to where she is today.

Youth Media Team

Interview with Joe Schmidt

The Youth Media Team interviewed former Leinster Rugby Manager and current Ireland Rugby coach Joe Schmidt at #FEILTE. Joe gave a keynote presentation and we asked him some questions on his speech.  He spoke to us about his rugby career and also his teaching career and how they can be incorporated together. He spoke about the importance of teamwork, competitiveness and failure in teaching, sport and also life in general.

Youth Media Team

Caitlin and Anna

Interview with Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton.

Today the Youth Media Team are at #FÉILTE in the RDS. Our first interview of the day was with Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton. Minister Bruton told us about the Action Plan for Education and how it will effect us in our schools and our education. He also spoke about the differences in our schools like new option subjects and how we will be assessed in the future. The Minister finished his interview by reminding us that education is what we remember after we forget what we’ve learned.

Lorcan and Amy
Youth Media Team