Interview with Elizabeth Treacy

Elizabeth Treacy did a session about the new Junior Cycle and how it gives teachers a new opportunity to listen to the student voice via the medium of project work.She also talked about how she used green screens in the classroom and why student voices are important and how digital technology supprted student voice.

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Denis and Charis
Youth Media Team

Interview with Prof. Vincent Cunnane

Amy and Denis interviewed Prof. Vincent Cunnane, LIT President. He spoke about the importance of events like #Ictedu and te importance of voices in education. He also talked about how LIT will take advantage of the changing landscape of education.

Amy and Denis

Youth Media Team

Interview with Stephen Howell

Amy and Lorcan interviewed Stephen Howell. Stephen Howell is the current Academic Engagement Manager for Microsoft Ireland. He describes himself as having a passion for teaching kids to code. Stephen did the closing Keynote for today’s event.  He talked to us about the Dream Space in the new Microsoft building. We asked him about the developments in Technology that excite him the most and told us about the highlight of the event so far.

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Amy and Lorcan

Youth Media Team


Interview with Cormac Cahill

Cara and Denis interviewed Cormac Cahill.  He is a primary school teacher in Cork, Apple distinguished educator, apple education trainer, book creator ambassador and a passionate advocate of technology in the classroom . He talked about the different augmented reality apps he uses in his school. He also explained how he thinks these types of apps will benifit all subjects in the future.

Cara and Denis

Youth Media Team

Interview with Roy Mitchell from the PDST

Lorcan and Amy interviewed Roy Mitchell from the PDST,

He told us a little bit about his workshop he was running on the Digital Learning Framework. He also spoke about the schools pilot program and digital tools that could be used in school to support effective learning. We also spoke about the work of webwise and the dangers of the internet for young students

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Amy and Lorcan

Youth Media Team

Interview with Eugene McDonough

Cara and Denis interviewed Eugene McDonough who is a Codeweek ambassador. He talked about Codeweek and the different events that go on around the country. He talked his experience with Coderdojo and what has happened throughout the 6 years it’s been running all around the country.

Cara and Denis

Youth Media Team.

Interview with Candace Marcotte

Denis and Charis interviewed Candace Marcotte at ICT EDU and she told us about her role in the MITE conference  and Michigan State University. She also told us about why she enjoys teaching and how long she has been teaching and as well about her experience in STEM.

-Denis and Charis
-Youth Media Team

Interview with Schools In Rang Bianca at #Ictedu

We interviewed a number of schools who showcased their work in Rang Bianca. we spoke to students from CBS Thurles, St. Joesph’s Borrisoleigh, Colaiste Mhuire Co-Ed, Thurles. they told us about how they used technology in their projects and their highlights of the day.

Denis, Cara, Amy, Lorcan and Charis

Youth Media Team

Interview with Damien and Grainne from eTwinning

Lorcan and Amy spoke to Damien and Grainne from eTwinning. They spoke about the work eTwinning does and this benefits the learning of of students across Europe. They told us about the advantages  of eTwinning and what they find difficult.

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Amy and Lorcan

Youth Media Team

Interview with Joanna Norton @ #Ictedu in LIT Thurles

Lorcan and Cara interviewed Joanna Norton at #Ictedu in LIT Thurles, April 28 2018.

Joanna Norton gave a very interesting key note talk at the conference. After this, we spoke with her about efforts to reform science education i Ireland to try and increase the engagement of students in STEM. We also spoke about how can we bring authentic voice to education and what Joanna saw as her greatest challenge and what inspired her to become involved in education.

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