Interview with Dympna Harty

Amy and Denis interviewed Dympna Harty at the Nenagh Enterprise Town event. She spoke about the Enterprise Town programme and her work in the Bank of Ireland.

Amy and Denis

Youth Media Team

Interview with Barry Kennedy

Amy interviewed Barry Kennedy at MegaDojo. Barry was one of the organisers of today’s event . He spoke about how today’s event went and plans for next year.


Youth Media Team

Interview with Catherine Hannan

Denis and Anna interviewed Catherine Hannan today at MegaDojo. She spoke about what she was doing at MegaDojo and how all the  children she spoke to seemed to love the day.

Denis and Anna
Youth Media Team

Interview with Aoibheann Mangan

Amy and Roisin interviewed Aoibheann Mangan who recently won EU Digital Girl of the Year. Aoibheann spoke about how significant Coderdojo has been for her and who her role models are. She also mentioned what she plans to do next.

Roisin and Amy

Youth Media Team

Interview with Iseult Mangan

Denis and Cara interviewed Iseult Mangan who’s daughter recently won EU Digital Girl of the Year award in the 11-14 age category. She talked about how important it is to inspire young people to engage in projects such as Coderdojo. She also gave advice to young girls in STEM.

Cara and Denis,

Youth Media Team

Interview with Nuala McHale by Anna and Denis

Denis and Anna interviewed  Nuala McHale from the Coderdojo foundation . She spoke to us about the Coderdojo initiative for girls and her advice for them starting out coding. We also talked to her about why she was at Megadojo and how she found the event.

Anna and Denis

Youth Media Team

Interview with Marty Morissey

Amy and Cara interviewed Marty Morrissey at the Bank Of Ireland Nenagh Enterprise Town Event. He gave us his thoughts on the change n format to the Hurling and Football Championships. He also spoke about moving the All Ireland Hurling Final and how he’s not sure that the move is a good one. One reason he gave is that in September the schools are open and so there will be a lack of colour that is known to be seen around this time when the final is in august. He also spoke about how he is involved in the Enterprise Scheme with Bank Of Ireland.

Amy and Cara
Youth Media Team

Interview with Sean Kelly MEP

Amy and Roisin interviewed Sean Kelly MEP today at #Megadojo in LIT Limerick.  Sean spoke about why he keeps coming back to MegaDojo and why CoderDojo highlighting the work of young people is so important. He also spoke about getting students involved in his line of work and Foroige’s work which was recently recognised with an EU Citizens Prize.

It was great to catch up with Sean after being recently invited by Sean to the European Parliament.

Amy and Roisin

Youth Media Team