Interview with Anne Melly

Denis and Jack interviewed Anne Melly,  Deputy Principal of Nenagh College Tipperary where Denis goes  to school.   The college provides both academic and technical education complemented by an innovative and progressive curriculum and extracurricular activities with the student at the focus of programme provision at all times. Nenagh College also provides full-time FETAC Level 5 and 6 post Leaving Certificate courses to both Leaving Certificate and mature students. The qualifications obtained from all the programmes in Nenagh College of Further Education provide students with the opportunity to progress to further studies at third level.

Denis and Jack

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Interview with Stephen Howell

Jack and Denis interviewed Stephen Howell at the Network of School Planners of Ireland.  Stephen Howell is the Academic Program Manager for Microsoft Ireland since 2013. In this role,  he engages lecturers and students of all disciplines and levels with tech talks and curriculum advice. He organises seminars, presents at academic and industry events and has keynoted several conferences on tech education topics. Stephen is an advocate of Inclusive Design and Digital Transformation both in and outside the classroom. He is a graduate of DCU and a PhD candidate in SMARTLab, UCD on Computational Thinking education with kinaesthetic learning. Before joining Microsoft he was a secondary school teacher (English, Irish and Maths), a software engineer, and Computing lecturer.

Jack and Denis

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Interview with Linda Ramsbottom

Jack and Denis interviewed Linda Ramsbottom at the 11th National Conference in Portlaoise of the Network of School Planners, Ireland.  Linda Ramsbottom is a Post-Primary Senior Inspector with the Department of Education and Skills. Linda began her teaching career in St. Leo’s College Carlow and has also taught in New Zealand. She joined the Department of Education and Skills in 2004 and was appointed Senior Inspector in 2015.

Jack and Denis

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Snapshot of Projects at SciFest

Enable Arm – The Winner

When in Doubt Swing it out

Fire Ashes – an under valued nutrient

Bike Collision Detection System

Bioassay to investigate the affect of Organic and Non Organic Fertiliser Runoff on Daphnia Populations

Ultra Vision

Growing Medium for Potatoes

Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast

Solar Sleeve


Height Adjustable Crutch

What Environment do Lichens Prefer?

Tractor Safety Lock


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