Interview with Donal McCarthy

At today’s CSPE Teachers Conference Jack and Roisin interviewed Donal McCarthy. Donal was presenting a workshop about managing action projects. Jack and Roisin asked him about the importance of action projects and how they affect our communities. He also shared a few of the projects he found inspirational.

Jack and Roisin

Youth Media Team

Interview with Aoife Cannon

Lorcan and Amy interviewed Aoife Cannon at the CSPE teachers conference. She told us about herself and the work that her and the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) do. She told us how both students and teachers can get involved and bring this topic into the classroom in a fun and interactive way.

Listen to the interview here

Amy and Lorcan
Youth Media Team

Interview with Conor Harrison and attendees at his workshop

Amy and Jack interviewed Conor Harrison, a lecturer in Maynooth University,  at the CSPE teachers Conference.  Conor delivered a workshop here today marking the Anniversary of the UN Convention of the Right of the Child. He spoke about why it is important for us to celebrate this Convention and what it actually covers.

Cara and Denis also interviewed Barry and Sean who attended this workshop. They spoke about how Conor involved attendees in the workshop and how they could use what they learned in their own classrooms. They also shared what they enjoyed most about the workshop.

Amy and Cara

Youth Media Team

Interview with Mary Lawlor

Lorcan and Roisin interviewed Mary Lawlor at the CSPE Teachers Conference. Mary is the founder of Front Line Defenders and was a guest speaker at the conference today. During the interview she spoke about human rights and the dangers of people losing their human rights. She also mentioned some of her national and international heroes.

Lorcan and Roisin

Youth Media Team