Interview with Brian Mulligan

Anna and Chris interviewed Brian Mulligan from IT Sligo, who expressed his opinion about the future of colleges. He believes that Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) will replace real life courses. Find out more in our interview.

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Anna and Chris

Amy and Emma’s interview with Julia Skinner

Amy and Emma interviewed Julia Skinner. She set up the 100 Word Challenge.  She is in Ireland setting up the #100WCEmeraldTour.  She is an ex head teacher. She talked about her favourite story and how the 100 word challenge has grown.  She strongly believes that it is important that children know the tools of writing.  She also stressed that peer comments are more powerful than the teacher telling children what to do.

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Amy and Emma

Interview with Hassan Dabbagh

Here Danny and Finn interviewed Hassan Dabbagh on the deployment of Google services in the classroom. In his workshop Hassan went through the steps of setting up the various services and showed a real life implementation of the services.

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Danny and Finn

Interview with Paul Lee

Chris  and Jack interviewed Paul Lee at #ictedu . Paul uses the best selling game Minecraft to teach young people about architechture. Here is what he said.

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Chris and Jack

Interview with Neil Butler

Jack and Amy interviewed Neil  Butler at the ICTEDU  conference in Thurles . Neil is a very unusual person, for a teacher! What makes Neil so odd is the  fact that he uses games to teach his students. He teaches maths and encourages them to be creative.

This is what he had to say:

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Jack and Amy

Learning with Steve Wheeler #ictedu

Steve Wheeler shared a lot of ideas with the teachers and students who attended the ICT in Education Conference today. Amy Lombard and Anna Nic Dhonnachadha asked Steve why it’s important to bring other generations into classrooms. Steve shared several interesting thoughts about social media and also explained what he thinks about the way technology is being used in classrooms. And there’s more in the audio clip we recorded with the Zoom H6 field recorder.

Youth Media Team

Anna and Amy