Interview with Doughall McCormick

Here David and Finn interviewed Dughall McCormick at the end of #cesicon. We talked to him about the English CESI equivalent NAACE, where teachers and their families come together over a weekend or long weekend . Along with sharing their thoughts and ideas they also have family based activities such as ; treasure hunts, music making and camp fires, creating an inclusive and interactive atmosphere.

Interview with Dughall McCormick

Youth Media Team,

Finn and David

Interview with Sabine McKenna

Jack and Christopher interviewed Sabine McKenna , a minecraft expert.
We discussed the importance of technology in classrooms.
Sabine told us about the possibilities when using minecraft in classrooms.
You can use Minecraft for Maths, English and History and so much more.
She believes programming is a necessity in Ireland because it is the future.

Interview with Sabine McKenna

Jack and Christopher
Youth Media Team