Interview with Roisin and Amy about Brussels trip

Jack and Cara interviewed Roisin and Amy about their trip to Brussels as members of the Youth Media Team. Roisin and Amy both spoke about their experiences in Brussels and the people they met along the way. They also explained why they made the trip and what the Youth Media Team did while in Brussels.

Amy, Cara, Jack and Roisin

Youth Media Team

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Interview With Kate Delaney

Elena and Amy interviewed Kate Delaney, founder of Make Create Innovate, who held a workshop at CESICon. Kate is passionate about providing an opportunity about maker education. During the workshop Kate encouraged groups to build their own instruments using crafts and to connect them to computers to add sound.

Youth Media Team
Elena & Amy

Interview with Mary Jo Bell and Ciara Brennan

Amy and Elena spoke to Mary Jo Bell and Ciara Brennan who presented at the CESI conference. Mary Jo and Ciara talked about how Adobe Spark can be used in classrooms. They also shared their thoughts on the importance of CESI for teachers who are looking to integrate technology into learning.

Youth Media Team
Amy & Elena

Interview with Anne Looney

Roisin and Cara interviewed Anne Looney today at Cesicon 2017. Anne was giving the capstone speech today. Anne is currently the Interim CEO at the Higher Education Authority in Dublin and has recently been appointed as the founding Executive Dean of Dublin City University’s new Institute of  Education. Anne spoke about her previous job as CEO of NCCA, she also spoke about the impact woman make on education.


Youth Media Team
Roisin and Cara

Interview with Martin Bailey

Caitlin interviewed Martin Bailey who spoke about his work with Animate 2 Educate. He also told us about he would promote STEM and ICT for girls and technology in general for schools.

Youth Media Team

Interview with Thomas Boyle

Caitlin and Monique spoke to Thomas Boyle from Crana Colege at #cesicon. We asked him about his work and what he is doing in his school. He told us about how his school has introduced coding and how it has been very successful.

Youth Media Team
Caitlin & Monique

Interview with Richard Millwood

Elena and Roisin interviewed Richard Millwood at Cesicon 2017 today. Richard was presenting a workshop at Cesicon about Computing in the Irish Curriculum. Richard spoke about his views for the future of computer science in the Irish curriculum. He also spoke about how important it is to integrate computing into the Irish curriculum.

Youth Media Team
Elena & Roisin

Interview with Sinead O’ Sullivan

Sinead O’Sullivan talked about the safety of the internet and how we should be aware of it. She talked about  how be act responsibly online and on social media. She talked about how in a community you have to act a certain way and that online the same rules apply.

Amy and Cara
Youth Media Team

Interview with Maggie Green

Cara and Roisin interviewed Maggie Green from Genius Journals today at CESICon 2017.  Maggie Green is a primary school teacher who works on Genius Journals with her class. Genius Journals allow children to explore their thoughts and ideas and to develop concepts and designs. Maggie has found that since implementing Genius Journals into her class the children are more eager to learn and attendance has increased.

Youth Media Team
Cara & Roisin