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Interview with Richard Millwood

Elena and Roisin interviewed Richard Millwood at Cesicon 2017 today. Richard was presenting a workshop at Cesicon about Computing in the Irish Curriculum. Richard spoke about his views for the future of computer science in the Irish curriculum. He also spoke about how important it is to integrate computing into the Irish curriculum.

Youth Media Team
Elena & Roisin

Interview with Maggie Green

Cara and Roisin interviewed Maggie Green from Genius Journals today at CESICon 2017.  Maggie Green is a primary school teacher who works on Genius Journals with her class. Genius Journals allow children to explore their thoughts and ideas and to develop concepts and designs. Maggie has found that since implementing Genius Journals into her class the children are more eager to learn and attendance has increased.

Youth Media Team
Cara & Roisin

Front page #ictedu news

Front Page News for #ictedu

Front page on this weeks edition of the Tipperary Star featuring information about today’s conference, ICT in education. Students from the CBS Thurles and members of the Youth Media Team were pictured with an article about technology in the modern day class, the local newspaper also included information about ICT in education. To see more about today’s conference use the hashtag #ictedu on most social media sites.